Why Wear Crazy Socks?

We all know that people who wear crazy socks ooze with confidence. They have no problem revealing their true personalities to the world! And if a recent study is to be believed, they are also considered to be highly intelligent, successful and influential, compared to those who would rather stay safe with plain socks. 

Crazy socks can be practically any socks that traditionalists would never wear. Learn more about Crazy Socks at https://www.yo-sox.ca/pages/mens-collections. They can have bright or shocking colors, animal patterns, or even the wearer's own face (yes, you can customize crazy socks like this). Anything outside of what can be called a safe sock design, is a crazy sock. Your choice of colors or prints is the part that tells the world who you are.

One thing about wearing crazy socks is that it makes you look approachable or friendly. People will somehow think that you are easy to talk to judging by your relaxed and carefree choice of socks. Compare that to someone who likes to stick to plain white or gray. Those fun socks show your playful side and can easily become an icebreaker or a way to make friends. Another great thing about crazy socks is that they allow you to "brand" yourself as someone who is creative and gutsy enough to break the rules. 
The tech biggies of no less than Silicon Valley are known for wearing weird or outrageous socks and have actually created a trend of it. Read more about Crazy Socks at Yo Sox Canada. So wearing those socks can be considered as a sign that you're "in." 

Perhaps the more serious side of understanding crazy socks is knowing how it affects the way a person thinks. A Northwestern University study showed that what we wear can actually influence how our brain works. There is now such a term as "enclothed cognition" which simply refers to the systematic way that clothes affect the wearer's psychological processes. 
In short, by wearing what we wear, we can affect how we think and act. And since we can decide what to wear, we have more control and confidence when it comes to the things that we want to do.  Wearing crazy socks can actually help build our courage and willingness to start new things or take chances, sparking our creativity and increasing our chances of achieving success. So you think your life is dull and lifeless, try to get some crazy socks on. You will instantly feel the difference. Learn more from  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sock